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I knew from the first moment I met Marjorie Rosenthal Foer that she was different from other SLPs I had met.  I’m a guy who grew up with chronic stuttering and wrestled with it for over 25 years. But unlike most other people who stutter (PWS), I fully recovered and wrote a book that’s available in five languages, about what I learned.  I’ve also spent over 40 years playing an active role in the world-wide stuttering self-help community.  The reason that chronic stuttering is so resistant to change is that people (and that includes most speech therapists) do not understand what chronic stuttering is really all about. But from the first moment I met Marjorie over 35 years ago, I knew that she was different.  Marjorie got it.  She understands the inner dynamics of the problem as I got to know it, better than any speech-language pathologist l’d ever met.  She understands each individual’s learning style and is highly skilled in helping people change their habit of holding back to fully embracing their joyful expression of Self. I’m delighted that Marjorie is now available on-line and can bring her knowledge and experience to any PWS in the world.

John Harrison, Author Redefining Stuttering, Editor, and Strategies for Disabling the Stuttering Hexagon (and many articles on overcoming stuttering)


I started working with Marjorie after an 8-year hiatus from speech therapy, following many discouraging years of seeing practitioners who did not specialize in stuttering. Marjorie's understanding of my speech behaviors was a breath of fresh air. We worked together to get to the root of my limiting beliefs and set goals that were challenging but proved to me how capable of fluency I truly am. Marjorie gently guided me to rediscovering my innate natural fluency. With her holistic, life coaching approach, she also made sure that I am incorporating a lot of self-care & sleep management to feel my best. I often disclose to new people that I stutter (I did that before meeting Marjorie), but most of the time now folks who are new and long-acquainted say that they don't notice that I stutter. Yes, I have occasional blocks, but they feel manageable with the strategies. I definitely have a lot less speech fear & anxiety than before I met her! The rare "hard block" is surprising since I feel so far past that period of it being the norm. Marjorie exudes positive energy and holds me accountable with warmth and enthusiasm. Working with her arms me with strategies that enable me to speak in any situation with ease and confidence. She has boosted my self esteem tenfold, and helped me rekindle my childhood spirit to pursue a “no limits life” that I had come to believe would be limited due to my speech. I am my best, most authentic self after meeting her, and for that I am so thankful.

Mackensie, age 25


Working with Jorie altered my life’s trajectory. I started seeing her because my back was against the wall. I hadn’t wanted to work on my speech - I had already done speech therapy for years. I even went to the Hollins stuttering treatment program in Virginia, which helped briefly, but a few weeks after returning home, my stuttering returned as well. I didn’t like doing the exercises - they were embarrassing! I also didn’t like using their approach because my speech didn’t sound natural. I always believed stuttering was all in my head. When I’m on my own reading or speaking out loud, I have no problem talking. Jorie works with me to deconstruct and reconstruct my beliefs, perceptions, emotions, intentions, physiological responses, and speech behaviors regarding stuttering. She has taught me about the importance of speaking from my True Self. I love "going on inner journeys" to change my belief systems and subconscious mind. This past year we've been using Internal Family Systems and I'm continually amazed with my increased confidence and comfort with talking, not to mention my ability to speak naturally. Working with Jorie is fun and effective. I no longer fear talking on the phone, certain sounds, words, situations and people, now I look forward to challenging speech opportunities, giving talking to small groups and even a podcast. After only a few months of therapy, I stopped stuttering/blocking (looking or sounding speech disabled). Now we’re focusing on eliminating residual habits and beliefs associated with speaking. When I started therapy with Jorie I was depressed and unsure that anything could work to change how I talk. Now I’m motivated to achieve my personal and professional goals, and I know I can do it. I can speak naturally, without planning my words, and set my intention to communicate my ideas effectively rather than my old habit of avoiding stuttering. I also know what to do if I feel a block coming, which rarely happens now. In addition to being a sensitive and highly skilled SLP, Jorie is a terrific life coach who provides on-going support in-between sessions to keep me focused so that I achieve my goals.        

LP, 27 years old


As a lifelong stutterer, I searched tirelessly for a solution to overcome my impediment.  Finally, in my late 30s, I worked with Marjorie and in a matter of months, I was able to achieve optimum fluency.  Marjorie is a highly skilled speech therapist who will patiently work with you to get to the root of the issue.  I am forever grateful for her and her caring nature.  I highly recommended Marjorie for anyone that is struggling with speech fluency. 

- UR, mid-forties

****************************************************Marjorie Foer helped me beyond traditional speech therapy techniques to a place of greater self insights. We dug into deeply rooted beliefs and explored the inner truths supporting my true self. She challenged me to test the evidence behind my own self-imposed, limiting beliefs and perceptions. Not only did this move me to a greater level of comfort and fluency when speaking in stressful situations, but, perhaps more profoundly, she helped me to build stronger connections with my personal goals. Each of our sessions left me with a better understanding of myself and feeling invigorated to approach interpersonal interactions differently. As someone who has had numerous speech therapists in different periods of my life, this was unlike anything I had previously experienced. Her attention to detail and finesse at asking the right questions were instrumental for me to reach my own conclusions. In other words, Marjorie gently and masterfully shined the light on my self-chartered introspective path.


BC, Middletown, RI

****************************************************IIt is said that, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” that is exactly what happened with Marjorie (Jorie) Foer. She had heard about how I stopped stuttering and wanted to learn what had worked for me. She’s always open to learning about what works! When she told me that in addition to working with PWS, she’s a life coach, I asked what that means. She said she helps people reach goals they identify that would make their life more fulfilling. I thought that I would certainly like a more fulfilling life and that’s just what our work together has brought. She has helped me reprioritize my life and create more fun, joy and fulfillment. I’ve learned to reconnect with my True Self so that I live from what truly matters to me. And all this at age 71 no less! Through our work, Jorie has set me on a path to greater self awareness and ultimately greater happiness. Thank you Jorie! 

JB, Riverside, CA

****************************************************My son Ben had been receiving speech therapy since he was four years old and he was still mostly unintelligible to people beyond his family when he started working with Marjorie at age 15. In addition to fluency, language and articulation issues, he also had difficulty with social skills. Other SLPs diagnosed and treated Ben for stuttering, Marjorie diagnosed and treated him for cluttering. This made all the difference in developing his ability to express his ideas slowly and clearly. Ben learned to recognize that when others cannot understand him, that this was his cue to make adjustments to his speech production. I no longer needed to translate to the world what Ben was saying! In addition, he became a strong self-advocate, giving him the confidence and ability to successfully attend college out of state. 
Thank you so much Marjorie for this wonderful gift you have given my family. There are absolutely no words that can express the life changing impact you have had on my son’s future and our lives.
O.M. (a very grateful parent)
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