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Heart Logo stutteRevolution_edited_edite

Because there's no longer a need to conquer, reject, deny, deflect, hide, avoid, cover up, accept or celebrate stuttering in a desperate attempt to manage the huge emotions and reactions that accompany it. Instead, you will intimately come to know your Stuttering System - how it takes over and obscures who you are at your Core. This reconnection with your Inner Wisdom is the key to accessing and unlocking your Innate Ability to Speak Naturally (IASN). 

Some questions to consider:

Why do I stutter when speaking with authority figures, saying my name, meeting someone for the first time, but not when speaking aloud alone, speaking with young children or pets or other situations?

Is it possible that stuttering is a "habit" and not a neurological disorder?

Did I create my Stuttering System?

What's the difference between accepting stuttering and accepting the Parts of me that create and maintain my Stuttering System? 

If you can speak in one situation without stuttering, then you have the ability to speak in any situation without stuttering.

Stuttering is situational, not neurological! 

​​If you're curious about exploring your self-limiting beliefs around stuttering or any other identity, and want to reconnect with your True Self and your Innate Ability to Speak Naturally, contact me for a free, 30 minute consultation.

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